Patient Resources

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Educates health care professionals and raises public awareness of the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Foundation for Women's Cancer / Women's Cancer Network

The Foundation was founded by the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) dedicated to funding research and training, and ensuring education and public awareness of gynecologic cancer prevention, early detection and optimal treatment.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Provides information to assist patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Share Cancer Support

SHARE's mission is to create and sustain a supportive network and community of women affected by breast or ovarian cancer.

Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry

An international registry of families with two or more relatives with ovarian cancer. Offers a helpline, education, cancer information and peer support for women with a high risk of ovarian cancer.


Head and Neck Cancer

Support for People With Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC)

Founded by a cancer survivor, SPOHNC offers information, support, and encouragement to people with head and neck cancer and their caregivers. The website provides resources on diagnosis, treatment, emotional support, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Head and Neck Cancer Alliance

Formerly the Yul Brynner Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance provides information on the detection and treatment of head and neck cancer, as well as the rehabilitation of people with the disease.


General Resources

American Cancer Society (ACS)

ACS has in-depth information on most types of cancer. The website provides a comprehensive directory of medical resources, links organized by cancer type or topic, and information on services provided through local chapters.


CancerCare provides free professional help to anyone affected by cancer, as well as information and referrals for counseling, support groups, home and hospice care, transportation, pain management, financial assistance, and other services.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The website offers up-to-date information for patients, consumers, and healthcare providers on a wide range of cancer topics. NCI also provides detailed information about cancer treatment options and available clinical trials.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)

NCCS provides cancer survivors and caregivers with practical tools to deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and challenges of cancer. The website offers free publications, useful resources, and a guide to survivorship planning.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)

NCCN is a nonprofit alliance of some of the nation's leading cancer institutes. The website provides research news, treatment guidelines (with summaries for patients), and resources on many types of cancer.