Clinical Development

Innovations in Immunotherapy

VentiRx is a leader in the development of novel TLR8 immunotherapies that mobilize the immune system's natural ability to fight cancers. We believe that innovative therapeutic agents that target this important mechanism have the potential to change the treatment paradigm in the management of a variety of cancers.

Motolimod (formerly VTX-2337)

VentiRx's lead investigational drug, motolimod, is a TLR8 agonist designed to mobilize a patient's own immune system by directly activating myeloid dendritic cells, monocytes and natural killer cells. This activation results in the production of a high level of mediators known to orchestrate the integration of both the innate and adaptive anti-tumor responses to a number of cancers. The addition of motolimod to some standard-of-care anticancer agents (chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies) may dramatically augment the anti-tumor response. Over 75 patients have been treated with motolimod in Phase 1 studies. Two large randomized Phase 2 trials in both ovarian and head and neck cancer are currently enrolling patients.

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